Submarine Signals

Lifetime Engineering has developed the modern submarine launched marker Triton. Triton is built to be deployed from the ejection tube of a submarine to indicate the vessel’s position. There are different versions of Triton designed for operational use as well as for emergency situations. All markers have the same external configuration and ignition system. The different signaling effects are obtained by separated pyrotechnic design.

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Material Testing

Our material testing laboratory specializes in material testing. We offer a wide range of services: 
Failure analysis 
Mechanical testing and analysis 
Chemical testing and analysis 
Reverse engineering 
Environmental durability testing 
Life Cycle Analysis 
Shelf Life Analysis

Risk Analysis & System Safety

LTE work with risk analysis to support our clients develop or procure secure systems and products. We are well versed in the laws, regulations and directives in force regarding risk minimization measures for injury, property damage and damage to the environment and the demands placed on products. We are experts in the Armed Forces operations around risk management and system safety activities that are tied to a product during its phases, from requirements definition to settlement. Our knowledge in the area are suitable for both vendors in producing role and for entities in which we take a scrutinizing and monitoring role. Below are examples of services conducted: 
PHL, Preliminary Hazard List 
PHA, Preliminary Hazard Analysis 
FMECA, Failure Mode Effect Criticality Analysis

Product Development

We have the engineering capabilities to rapidly develop and produce products for specific applications. LTE has successfully developed both sophisticated and less complex pyrotechnic products that has been implemented on the market. With focus on customers need, LTE has processed a winning solution for product development. LTE takes in consideration customer requirements and adds requirements and performance to the product during the development phase. Due to shorten budgetary military restrictions large production series are rare. LTE is specialized in taking the product to market for shorter series and special customer requirements.

Example of products LTE has produced: 
Turbojet igniters 
Fuel cartridges 
Pressure cartridges